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by Yurtles
30 Nov 2015, 12:40
Forum: Role Playing Games
Topic: Your Fallout 4 Settlements, Show Them To Me
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Re: Your Fallout 4 Settlements, Show Them To Me

Typically I just build a wall around my settlements, slather the wall in turrets and call it a day. Examples: Made a bit more of an effort with Greygarden because I thought the setting was neat; Took me bloo...
by Yurtles
30 Nov 2015, 00:10
Forum: The Water Cooler
Topic: Fleeting/Random/Thoughts
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Re: Fleeting/Random/Thoughts

Christmas avatar time! I'd completely forgotten I had a bearded up Kirk and Spock until I moved across to here.
by Yurtles
30 Nov 2015, 00:00
Forum: Movies, TV, Books and Music
Topic: Recommend a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book
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Recommend a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book

Just a copy/paste of the recommendations off the old forums. I put everyone's suggestions under their user name rather than trying to follow the thread of discussion that went on. If anyone has any suggestions on editing it better, I'm open to it. Yurtles: * Last set of books I truly enjoyed (stayi...