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Guide to modding Bloodlines in 2019

Posted: 28 Mar 2019, 07:26
by Sathias
With the impending release of Bloodlines 2 I thought I'd see what mods were available and play through the original game again, or at least see if its still worth playing in 2019... remembering that there are a few hoops to jump through to get it looking decent on a modern rig, I thought I'd document this process in case anyone else wanted to do so.

Core choice of mod

Looks like the best choice is the Clan Quest v4.0 mod, which has been updated as recently as October 2018. ... s-released

Recommended settings -

As well as the Clan Quest mod, which adds a heap of custom content, it also includes the unofficial patch, and some parts of other mods such as the Camarilla mod (which was great for the time), the Arsenal mod (adds extra weapons) and some others. You will also need the patch which fixes some issues ... -401-patch

After installation, you need to either use the provided desktop shortcut to run the game or add this to your Steam launch options
-game CQM
Other mods

Clan Quest has quite a few mods included as part of the set, so doesn't need a lot of extra stuff added. Having said that, it can be worth installing the Unofficial Patch being that it installs to a different "profile" and the tools that come with it can be useful if Clan Quest doesn't get your resolution right. Clan Quest has a fairly recent version of the Unofficial Patch included so it's not needed apart from that.

Widescreen/resolution fix

If Clan Quest doesn't set the right res (it did for me) the Unofficial Patch has a tool to edit the exe to allow for the right res to be selected. After installation there will be a Patch_Extras folder, in there is a "Player Mods" folder containing a ResPatch.exe tool. Run it and point it to the Vampire.exe file and it will allow you to set the right res for your system.

Graphical Improvements

After installation there will be an Extras directory in your Bloodlines folder, there you will find a "Shaders and Mods" directory with 2 methods of improving the graphics, ESB and SweetFX. ESB looks like a muddy mess at high resolutions (for Bloodlines at least), the SweetFX one allows some AA to be added without changing too much else. Copy the contents of the directory to the root folder, and to get it working I had to rename the dxgi.dll file to d3d11.dll


Santa Monica @ 3440x1440 with a bit of AA :)

Re: Guide to modding Bloodlines in 2019

Posted: 28 Mar 2019, 22:32
by Sathias
Updated with most of the required info :)

Re: Guide to modding Bloodlines in 2019

Posted: 19 Apr 2019, 11:47
by n1cholas