Star Trek Online

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Star Trek Online

Post by Gotrek1966 » 21 Feb 2016, 16:56

Just started playing this and have to see any mmo. Maybe it is more single player to understand how to play the game before you get to wander off into the galaxy?

Cant see it as a game I will be spending a huge amount of time playing but will give it a go.
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Re: Star Trek Online

Post by Mythor » 21 Feb 2016, 17:09

There's bits further in where you can group with other players to take on larger encounters like Borg vessels, the Crystalline Entity, Klingon fleets, etc. You can play the story missions and so on by yourself if you don't want to bother with other people, but there's plenty of group stuff if that's what you're after.

I haven't played in ages but it's really quite fun if you're into Star Trek stuff. Lots of fighting your ship against all the classics, very cool.
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Re: Star Trek Online

Post by NotThatDoug » 23 Feb 2016, 09:44

I'm a lifetime subscriber to Star Trek Online, at first it seemed like a great deal, my buddies and I had been wow subscribers on and off since day 1 and had probably spent as much on our subscriptions as what STO was asking for a lifetime subscription, played the hell out of it for like the first 4 months, then just kinda stopped. The content just wasn't there to keep me going, ground combat was a bore and the missions were grindy as hell, then I'd drop in and play for like a week every couple of months, having the ability to just jump in and have access to everything, even after it went F2P was pretty cool, they also gave me an allownece of the microtransaction store credits that I'd use on cosmetic items seeing as how I didn't need to buy bank tabs or ship slots but it never had enough going for it to hook me in.

Until the romulan expansion came out and they completely overhauled the game. ground combat is now awesome and the mission story lines make it feel like you are living out a multi part star trek story. Even visiting the earth space dock was more fun, I was hooked did all the mission I could, even the ones I was too high a level for and then took a break while they were releasing new content and haven't gotten back to it yet because of other games but I'll be going back to it soon.

I also opened one of their special giveaway lockbox things and scored some really rare jem hardar ship that I had no interest in using, sold it to someone for a few million credits.

It feels more like a Star Trek game than Star Wars Old Republic feels like a Star Wars.
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Re: Star Trek Online

Post by MacrossFiru » 17 Jun 2016, 13:35

reviving a zombie thread, but I have to say my overall experience with Star Trek Online has been pretty disappointing, and I used to be a real fanboy, initially the ships and assets are tacky the game play was dull and awful the formula doesn't feel like it's changed much, as much as its a 'mmorpg' it really seems more like pokemmo where there are other people there, you can interact with them but there's really not a huge point in it, to this date I feel the formula is:

[*]Contact NPC
[*]''patrol some systems' i.e. visit every non-story planet kill some mobs get a pat on the back
[*]repeat 8 times
[*]check back with the relevant npc OH suddenly theres a crisis
[*]revisit a selection of those planetary systems
[*]OH now we have a beam-down mission
[*]beam down as any old composition

(roles in this game are laughable and while I have no issue with cross abilities having no meaning is kinda worse)

Fleet operations are also weak, I feel they really tried to appeal to players who wanted something more casual than EVE-Online but still had that genuine star trek feel. We ended up with a half baked experience which while feeling star trek didn't feel like a compelling game, at least to me.

Also the unfathomable number of currencies and most of them cant cross convert, there are micro-transactions everywhere ... no macro transactions, my Nebula (which isnt even the super duper one they released afterwards with the heftier price tag) cost $25 and it is probably the most accurate renderings of any ship in the game, and the upgrade/customization path is extremely limited.

So they add fleets which is conceptually great but then they make one of the highest tier of ships fleet-only and you really cant solo a fleet and expect to get anywhere, the game is so painfully pay to win now and while I would have considered throwing an extra $200 at the game after burning almost $100 on the beta/early release upon reflection knowing what I do now, had I not the assets I already have I'd give the game a miss.

Having never played wow my only experience with MMOS include only EvE-Online, Star Trek Online, Swotor (which I gave up after 4 hours) and Final Fantasy XIV which I've clocked up the most time in.

FFXIV has a few things that are maybe not doable in a space game:
[*]One character can master multiple (all) classes either switching in tandem or one-at-a-time you're free to choose
[*]dungeons have minimum class requirements (tank, medic, dps, dps) for first-plays and party finder can help PuGs get sorted
[*]combat mechanics change, since ffxiv is all ground things like ladders, point blank/burst rings, cleave cones keep you moving makes it feel more compelling
[*]you can glamour your super high level equipment with something that you find more aesthetically pleasing (class-for-class)

So even given some of the limitations, theres more expression, more freedom, I cant see why I can't have a high level science ship but still use my nebula as its skin, STO have made the purpose of ship classes almost irrelevant anyway.

But I feel the abilities to class structure in game make my talking points irrelevant.

I wish I liked it more but the way the game has been manhandled....
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