VRC Pro (R/C Racing Simulator)

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VRC Pro (R/C Racing Simulator)

Post by GamingKen » 08 Jan 2016, 18:46

I've had my eyes on this title for awhile on Steam, as it looks utterly amazing and detailed, but it is also quite pricey. I recently discovered though that they have a free version that gives you a limited range of cars and tracks, which can be downloaded from their website. I don't know why they haven;t made this free portion available on Steam as a kind of demo as I really think they are missing out giving people the chance to try it out.

Anyway, I've tried it out and it's pretty damn tough to control with a gamepad, though some classes of cars, and certain tracks, are easier than others (Dirt tracks are really tricky compared to flat road). The free version still lets you compete on leader-boards and allows you to host races with friends for multiplayer.

https://www.vrcworld.com - Download is in the upper right of page, and it will require you to create an account. Will be interesting to see what others think of it, and if I recall there are a few people about interest in real R/C here. I''m considering buying the adapter so I can hook up an R/C controller to my PC.

EDIT - This video mentions that there is some kind of monthly cost, which must be outdated as I haven't see that at all. It seems to be more about purchasing modules to get various packages of cars/tracks.
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