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Live For Speed S3

Posted: 10 Jan 2016, 13:37
by GamingKen
I really don't know whether to laugh or cry about the following. At Christmas I found an email in my inbox saying that Live For Speed S3 was now available. Those into Live For Speed they will know that it was always intended to be released in 3 stages. S1 was released in 2002/3, S2 was released in 2005, just a day after I found LFS and started playing it, and it has now been a 10 year wait for S3, despite promises of new content over the years. Frustrations over that wait aside, I was excited to hear that it was finally here, even though I and most people had given up on racing it. I wasn't excited long though as I read further into the email. S3 that you can now purchase only includes 1 new track, Rockingham UK that they laser scanned years ago, and a very slight improvement to the graphics which is hardly noticeable. Also they made note that there is no promise that they will release further content. It also cost as much as each of the last stages, at 13 pounds. I really hope they do more with it, as it is still one of my favourite racing sims, but that is a real damn disappointing release after 10 years. It did provide some damn good fun in the past Gonlympics too!

A little look at someone driving the new circuit.