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Setting Up DayZ OLIMA Hack

Please make sure you are logged in, in order to view the Guides & Files

Please make sure that your Antivirus (external or Windows Defender), as well as your Firewall, are all disabled before using the cheat.

Follow this video-guide to know HOW TO

Steps done before using the cheat:

Make sure you’re running Discord Overlay as enabled. Here is how to:
  • Run Discord as Administrator!
  • Go to discord settings and click on OVERLAY, and Enable in-game overlay.
  • Check also at GAME ACTIVITY that DayZ overlay ingame is ACTIVE.
Virtualization Enabled:

There is an easy way to know if your virtualization is enabled or not. Use the task manager then check on Performance tab and finally verify that your virtualization is in effect enabled, otherwise like the BIOS, check how to enable this feature in your CPU model and if your current CPU support this technology. GUIDE


– Do not use this loader more than one time per windows session or the loading can get stuck at 77% and you will blue screen.
– If the virtualization is disabled. You will bluescreen as well at the 77%
-EXTRACT THE LOADER FROM THE ZIP!! If you run it from the zip folder, your menu will be displayed in an incorrect way (BIG FONT AND BROKEN)
– Be sure your SECURE BOOT IN YOUR BIOS IS DISABLED. Or this cheat will not work as well. You can check that by using the windows searcher, type: System information. Check the “secure boot state”
– Be sure that in effect Discord overlay is running in your game before doing the step 5. In case you press end without discord overlay, you will bluescreen with an error 0x000002-5

Begin with steps:

Step 1

With that being set, open the Olima loader as an administrator.

Step 2

For the first time customers, registration is needed using the command register (the command list is shown by typing the command “help”)
The ID and password is needed to login at this loader. Be sure you remember your ID and password as it is impossible for us to recover it.

Here is one example of registration:

–> I will register a new account and for example I want my ID being eclipse12 and my password 77128. (these credentials can be anything you like, just do not forget what are you registering!. Also special characters are forbidden!)

So I type the ID I want to register two times as well as the password I want to register two times and the key (In this case I am using a random key example 34N8-CYbS-jMh5-kHxF. You use the one you received in your email)

register eclipse12 eclipse12 77128 77128 34N8-CYbS-jMh5-kHxF

Check that each data inserted is separated by empty spaces.

Once you have set the ID/password/key press ENTER.

At the time you register, if everything worked properly, the timer as well as the builds available in DayZ will be shown.


dayz hack

*You will be automatically logged. Your reset count HWID will be shown as well. Move to the next step.

To use the cheat for DayZ, simply type now:

Use Dayz


Use Dayz 1

Note: The difference between ” use day ” and “use dayz 1” command :
Command ” use dayz ” : Inject build with safe aimbot
Command “use dayz 1” : Inject build with MAGIC BULLET (RISKY)

Step 3

(NEW LOGIN). The next time you want to use the Olima loader again type LOGIN followed by the User ID that you have registered and your password and press enter, the rest “use dayz” remains the same as explained above.

Example: Following the same credentials used at the registration in Step 2

login eclipse12 77128

*If you want to add a new key. First login and then use the command “addkey” followed by the new key you got. After that the builds will become available again.

Here is another example.

dayz hack

Your cheat will start loading up and preparing the injection. Once it has been finished, the loader will then, self close.

This window will confirm the injection, close it and then open the game.

dayz hack

Step 4

Start Dayz and check that in effect Discord is running when you opened it. If that’s correct then you can proceed to the step 5. However if discord OVERLAY IS NOT PRESENT. DO RESTART Steam AND run DISCORD AS ADMINISTRATOR.

Notes. Sometimes Discord will take a bit long to open, around 20-30 seconds after opening the game. It is important the presence of discord overlay, otherwise you will bluescreen by doing the step 5

Step 5

If you have checked discord running properly go to the game lobby and press the button END a couple of times until the menu shows up. Operate it by using the directional arrows and open/close the menu by using the same END button.

Remember. If discord overlay is not present, you will bluescreen!.

If you need to reinject by any reason, restart the pc. Do not use the loader more than 1 time per windows session.

Frequently Asked Questions

DayZ Hacks, Aimbot, no recoil, ESP, Wallhacks & More

What is required to operate with the cheat?

In order to operate with this cheat we do require three major and essential features to be working. One is Discord as we need the overlay, the second a registration at OLIMA Loader and finally virtualization enabled in Bios.

What game resolution should I use?

For this test we will be running the game in borderless mode and 1920×1080 resolution.

Why do I need to open discord and enable the overlay?

It is important having Discord overlay, as the cheat will use that designated overlay to make the writing in-game.

The cheat worked fine first time, but now I am getting Bluescreen. How do I fix it?

By all means (and in order to avoid undesired BSOD) do not run the loader more than once per windows session.