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Setting Up Modern Warfare Camo Unlocker

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Please make sure that your Antivirus (external or Windows Defender), as well as your Firewall, are all disabled before using the cheat.

Follow this video-guide to know HOW TO

Video tutorial:

In writing tutorial:

Before Running the Tool:

1. REMOVE ALL ANTIVIRUSES FROM YOUR PC (AVG/Avast/malwarebytes/everything else, uninstall absolutely EVERYTHING). If Windows Defender is disabled, download DefenderControl – enable Windows Defender and then remove that DefenderControl from your PC and never run it again. Restart your PC, open Windows Security go to “Virus and protection” and just turn off all tabs in it, in firewall and network, and in app & browser control too.
2. Download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005-2008-2010-2012-2013-2019 Redistributable Package Hybrid.
*Download defender control and All Microsoft Visual C++ files: Click here
3. Close any running game boosters. (Razer Game Booster, etc.)
4. If unlocking for cross-platform, ensure that your PSN/Xbox account is linked to through Activision. (Please see the section above)
5. Uninstall Riot Games’ “Vanguard” anti-cheat. (This would likely be installed if you play Valorant)

Why do I need to disable my anti-virus to download/run the tool?
Because the anti-virus classifies the tool as malicious since it is injected into the game’s process. But rest assured, the tool does absolutely no harm to your system in any way shape or form.

What are my chances of being banned?
Generally speaking, zero. Provided that you are smart after you’ve completed the unlock and don’t make yourself seem suspicious.

In reality, you cannot have any completionism camo unlocked earlier than level 155, without using any bugs or exploits. So, when you decide to unlock a completionist/specialty camo using my tool, for example, Obsidian, on an account below level 50, you risk getting reported by other players. This is because it would simply not make sense for you to have that camo unlocked at your current level. Therefore, if you receive enough reports because of your camo – you will be banned. So, in conclusion, on accounts below level 50, use my tool only at your own risk, the software is safe, you just have to be worried about reports.

Before Starting the Unlock Process:

1. Launch the game, set the display mode to windowed/fullscreen borderless.
2. Load into the main menu, multiplayer or warzone, the tool works for both.

Unlock Process:
Follow the prompts of the launcher, we’ve tried our best to make the tool as user-friendly as possible.

The instructions have been updated, both END and RU, the main changes are:
1) you need to set the closure of the launcher in the settings when the game starts
2) run the software from a USB flash drive and disconnect the USB flash drive from the computer when the software is not used

1. Download RUT Launcher – CoD MW2019 Unlocking Tool and move it to USB flash drive.
2. Run the downloaded launcher as an administrator. (Right-click, run as administrator)
3. When prompted, enter your key. (If the launcher requires an update, wait until it’s finished, and enter your key again when prompted.)
4. When asked to “press F2” – simply just press F2 on your keyboard. DON’T CLOSE THE TASK MANAGER!
5. Congratulations! You have unlocked all! The blueprints with the camos/skins you want, that will remain on your account forever! (Provided you don’t delete the blueprint)
6. Equip items you want, then join a public match to save it, after a 1 min you can leave from a match
7. Restart the game

After game restart all that you not saved will be locked again.

Now it works like this
Press 1 – unlock weapons, save what you want, restart the game
Press 2 – unlock the operators and etc, save you want, restart the game

1 – weapons, skins, camos, attachments and etc.
2 – operators, watches, cards, emblems, vehicles and etc.

*When you use one of 2 unlocking types, everything else will be locked, it’s normal
*I mean, when you unlock a weapon, all your operators will be locked until the game restart.

There is only one limitation: after you have selected an operator, selected a skin for him and etc, after restarting the game, you can go (in multiplayer mode) to the menu where there are 2 operators stand and switch between these two, but don’t go to the operators selection menu, otherwise the operator will remain chosen, but the skin will be reset to the standard one for this operator!
In Warzone, you cannot enter the operators section without running the tool at all or it will be reseted!

Frequently Asked Questions

COD Modern Warfare Hacks, Aimbot, no recoil, ESP, Wallhacks & More

Can I use the unlocker while I am using a cheat?

Yes, you can use any cheat with this unlocker at the same time without any issues.

What game resolution should I use?

Set the display mode to windowed/fullscreen borderless.

Can I use it on more than 1 account?

No, you can’t, each key is bound to the first account yo used. If you want to use the unlocker on another account, you will need to buy a new key.

Unlocked weapons will be saved forever on my account?

This product’s unlocks will be only available during the key duration (access time) and Not permanent!!. However, If you save the unlocked weapon on your loadout, it will be saved even if the key duration has expired. After game restart all that you not saved/equipped will be locked again. All keys (Weapons, Ultimate) are hard-linked to Activision account.

Do the unlocked weapons disappear after my key expires?

Nothing will disappear after the key expires, all that you saved/equipped remains on your account forever (provided you don’t change it)